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Yonsei University has hosted visiting and exchange students from leading law schools from around the world. YLS offers students over 20 law-related courses in English in a diverse range of subjects. Additional classes can be found at other colleges and departments campuswide such as the Graduate School of International Studies. Students usually come in their second or third year for one semester and take 3~5 courses (9~15 credits; max. 12 credits for visiting students) while using Seoul as a convenient base to explore China and Japan and the rest of Asia. For visiting students, tuition, housing and other expenses remain at internationally competitive rates.
Please contact yls.intl@yonsei.ac.kr for further information.

GPA Requirement for Application
A. CGPA must be over 3.0 on a 4.0 (CGPA 3.3 on a 4.3)
B. In a letter grade system: B or above
English Language Requirement:
A. TOEFL score must be a minimum of 86 in IBT
B. IELTS score must be 6 or above.
*Note: English native speakers / English degree program students are exempted from submitting the official score certificate as a part of Application material
Semester Fulfillment Requirement:
This program is open to 4-year college or university student who are currently studying at their home universities as full-time students, and have finished 2 semesters at law school or 4 semesters as an undergraduate majoring in law, before the nomination/application
For transfer students, a minimum of one semester’s results form the Transfer university must appear on the official transcripts.
1. Contact international programs office at your home university.
2. Find out whether or not Yonsei is an approved institution for studying abroad at your home university.
3. Exchange students: Submit the required documents to the international programs office at your home university.
*Visiting students: Submit the required documents directly to Yonsei University.
4. Your home university will nominate and notify the students to Yonsei.
5. Yonsei will then receive the hard copy of all required documents from your home university.
6. Confirmation of admissions will be notified to you within a month from receiving the hard copy of all required materials.
Please note,
1. You must wait for Yonsei University to confirm your admission so do not book your flight in advance. Yonsei University is not responsible for any loss or penalties arising from change in flight schedules.
2. If you want to take KLI morning courses, please be sure to submit KLI's regular program online application. (http://www.yskli.com/index.asp)
3. Maximum number of students in each KLI morning course is limited to 50 students, first-come first-served, based on the order of receiving the hard copy of your Yonsei program application package.
4. If you choose to take KLI morning courses, you are not allowed to take the tailored afternoon KLI courses.
For more detail, please refer to the sub-menu, Korean Language Courses.
7. Submit the Student Medical Assessment Form at the orientation.
1. Click "Courses" under Fall/Spring menu on the left of this page for instruction.
2. Next, go to the English Yonsei Portal site at
3. Through the Yonsei English Website:
College > select Major > click on 'Courses'
* Note : Course offerings for an upcoming semester will be available as follows:
* Note : ② in the reference column means the course is offered in English.
* Note : Since there is a limit to the number of students who can be enrolled in all courses offered at Yonsei University, students should also consider preparing a list of alternative courses in case some classes reach capacity or are cancelled
Please be advised that the required materials including a hard copy of the submitted online application form must be received by Yonsei by no later than the deadline. The required materials are as follows:

1. Yonsei University Online Application Form
(1) Complete the Application Form online - Online Application Form
(2) Submit the Application Form to yls.intl@yonsei.ac.kr
(3) Send a hard copy of the Application Form
(*Georgetown students should complete and send the YLS Enrollment Application Form instead)

2. Letter of Nomination by Home Institution
*Applicants whose Letter of Nomination is sent directly by their Home Institution to YLS are exempted

3. Current Official Academic Transcript from Home Institution

4. Study Plan (Statement of Purpose: A4/Letter size, minimum 250 words)

5. Photocopy of ID Page of Passport (preferably in color)

6. Certificate of Account Balance of Applicant of Applican't Sponsor, or Scholarship Certificate of the Applicant
*Required to prove the student's ability to finance their stay during the period of time they spend at Yonsei
*Minimum Account Balance for 1 semester: Exchange students (USD 5,000), Visiting students (USD 17,000)

7. Student Medical Assessment Form (SMAF) & Proof of Medical Insurance for period of stay in Korea
*Please complete the Student Medical Assessment Form (SMAF) and submit it with application materials (Insurance information may be left blank) or submit it after arrival in Korea - SMAF download
*Proof of Medical Insurance can be submitted after admission is confirmed and after arrival in Korea

8. Please be reminded that incomplete applications without required documents cannot be considered for admission even for pre-nominated exchange students.

Send all application materials to:

Office of Admissions
Gwangbok Hall, Suite 206
Yonsei University Law School
50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 120-749
E-mail yls.intl@yonsei.ac.kr
Tel (82-2) 2123-3802
Fax (82-2) 2123-8644

1. Spring Semester Admission : October 30
2. Fall Semester Admission: April 30
*Note: The required materials must be received by Yonsei University no later than the last business day of the above-stated month.
Application procedure and materials required (please note there may be changes) Students should complete the application form available online and submit the application and required documents both by mail and electronically (to yls.intl@yonsei.ac.kr).

Required documents: 
Application (must be completed)
Statement of Purpose (Study Plan; A4 or letter size, minimum 250 words)
Official transcript from Home Institution (latest)
Photocopy of ID Page of Passport
Certificate of Account Balance of Applicant's Sponsor
Student Medical Assessment Form & Proof of Medical Insurance for Period of Stay in Korea
Letter of nomination by Home Institution
Proof of Korean proficiency (only for those intending to take courses in Korean)
Address for submission of application materials Division of International Admissions
Office of Administration, Yonsei University Law School 
Gwangbok Hall, Suite 206
50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu
Seoul, Korea, 120-749
Application period For Fall Semester: March 1 to April 30
For Spring Semester: September 1 to October 30

Q. When is the deadline?
April 30 (for Fall)/October 30 (for Spring): Nominations and completed application materials must be sent to Yonsei (yls.intl@yonsei.ac.kr)

Q. When can I know the application result?
May 30 (for Fall)/November 15 (for Spring): Notification of decision
Semester dates
Is there any orientation program for international students?
If yes, when will the orientation program take place?
Should all students attend the orientation program?
Is there an academic calendar for next semester?
Is there a list of courses offered in English for the Fall semester of 2013?
If the list is not yet available, can we refer to last year's courses?
When will the timetable for courses be available?
What are the hours required to earn one credit?
By when should we register for courses? Should we pre-register or register on-site after arrival?
Please provide any information regarding accomodations.
Contact person  Name: Joongi Kim
Position: Associate Dean of International Affairs
Mailing Address: Yonsei Law School, 50 Yonseiro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, Republic of Korea
E-mail kimjg@yonsei.ac.kr
Tel +82 2 2123 4181
Fax +82 2 2123 8644

For administrative purposes, please contact the Executive Assistant at
Visa information
Who can I contact regarding visa application?
Is there any guidebook on visa application?
Cost of rent and living
Housing:  1,600,000 KRW per semester for dormitory
Food:  about 2,000,000 KRW (5,000 – 15,000 KRW per meal)
Books: about 200,000 KRW total
Local Travel: base rate for taxi is 3000 KRW, 
Seoul bus/metro 1,050 KRW with T-money card and 1,150 KRW with cash.
Visa fees: 30,000 KRW
Please provide further information on living in Seoul. 
American Law and Legal System I
American Law and Legal System II
Citizenship and Migration
Comparative Corporate Law and Governance
Constitutionalism and Democracy
Constitutionalism: Past and Present
Crime and Criminal Justice in Korea
Dispute Resolution in International Trade and Business
Global Governance and the Law
Global M&A and Law
Governance and Public Policy
Health Law Writing Seminar
Human Rights in East Asia
International Environmental Law
International Finance: Law,Transactions and Policy
International Regulation of Food and Drugs
International Trade and Intellectual Property
Korean Law and Legal System
Law and Economics
Law and Politics in Korea
Law of International Trade
Law, Culture and Globalization
Law, Medicine, and Medical Technology
Medical Malpractice Law
Methods of Social Research
North Korean Law in the International Context
Regulation of Biotechnology and Research With Human Subjects
Rule of Law in The Global Context
Seminars on East Asian Law in Global Transformation
Sociology of Law
The United States and North Korea in the Era of Terrorism: Legal Implications
U.S. Criminal Practice
WTO Law and Practice
U.S. Contract law
Introduction to Comparative Korean Law*
Law & Development**
International Trade Law and Policy**
Understanding the Free Trade Agreements**

*Available at the Underwood International College
**Available at the Graduate School of International Studies
E-mail : yls.intl@yonsei.ac.kr
Tel (82-2) 2123-3802
Fax (82-2) 2123-8644